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Task force formed on the orders of Supreme Court regarding pollution in Delhi, Flying Squad will monitor entire NCR

After receiving a rebuke from the Supreme Court over pollution in the nation’s capital, the central government announced the formation of a task group to combat the harmful air. In its affidavit to the Supreme Court, the administration stated that 17 flying squads have been constituted. By tomorrow, the number of flying squads will be boosted to 40. It’s worth mentioning that the Supreme Court had warned earlier on Thursday, during a session on pollution, that if the government did not act, the court would have to issue an order.

Permission to continue construction in capital’s hospitals

The Supreme Court has given the Delhi government permission to continue with hospital building. The case will be heard again on December 10th. In response to air pollution before Delhi-NCR, the Delhi administration submitted an application in the Supreme Court seeking the court to approve hospital construction in the city. The Delhi government announced that it had begun strengthening its healthcare infrastructure in order to prepare for and combat the COVID-19’s third wave.

Construction on seven additional hospitals began, but was halted due to construction constraints. The state administration claimed 19 government hospitals are being built to improve health facilities in the national capital for the benefit of patients, and the Delhi government has asked the Supreme Court to exclude hospital construction from limits.

The Center, on the other hand, has informed the Supreme Court that the Air Quality Management Commission has established Flying Squads to check compliance with its air pollution control directives in the Delhi-NCR region. Apart from that, the Supreme Court has stated that it is unknown whether it is purposeful or not, but some media outlets attempt to portray us as villains. We want the schools to be closed. You (the Delhi administration) claimed that we would close schools and begin working from home, but you can see the newspaper for yourself. The Delhi government’s senior advocate, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, complained to the Supreme Court that a newspaper had expressly claimed that yesterday’s court hearing was confrontational. According to the article, the court is threatening to take over administrative duties.

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