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‘Teachers question Muslim students why they don’t kill Hindus,’ says a Pakistani journalist, describing how Hindu hatred is taught in Pakistani school

A Pakistani journalist disclosed how hatred towards Hindus is fostered in the country’s educational institutions on Friday (December 3). He made the remarks in the context of the blasphemy-related lynching of a Sri Lankan factory manager.

One of the panellists on the ‘Tellings with Imran Shafqat’ programme bemoaned the prejudice and bigotry taught in both government and non-government schools in Pakistan. “What are our children learning in school?” When my kids get home from school, they have strange questions for me. My son once inquired about the presence of Hindus in Pakistan. I informed him about my Hindu acquaintance. He then informed me about how his tutor in Sindh encouraged him to murder Hindus.”

“If there are Hindus in Sindh, why don’t you kill them,” a Pakistani journalist’s kid was taught at school. He then went to the school principal to express his displeasure with the hatred being taught at his son’s school. “The grooming of children in these schools is troubling,” the journalist continued. We need to keep an eye on what they’re learning. The brainwashing is the result of this (educational) system, which has been in place for 40-50 years.”

Sialkot mob lynching case and aftermath

An furious Islamist mob tortured and burned to death a Sri Lankan man named Priyantha Kumara on Friday, believing rumours of blasphemy. The event occurred on Sialkot’s Wazirabad Road, where workers attacked a factory’s export manager and burned his body after killing him. The enraged crowd can be heard yelling “Nara e Taqbeer” and “Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah” in the footage. Other chants heard were ‘gustakh-e-nabi ki ek hi saza, sar tan se juda sar tan se juda’ and ‘gustakh-e-nabi ki ek hi saza, sar tan se juda sar tan se juda’.

The General Manager of Rajko Industries in Sialkot was assassinated by Pakistani Islamists. The cricket uniform and gear for the Pakistan T20 team at the World Cup were designed by Rajko. Pakistan was forced to act against the Islamists who killed Priyantha Kumara after diplomatic pressure from the Sri Lankan government. According to reports, the Punjab police deployed a ten-person team to apprehend the culprit and submit a report to the Inspector General within 48 hours.

Farhan Idrees, the key suspect who was previously seen in the viral confession video, has been apprehended by the authorities. The police were able to apprehend hundreds of people for their involvement in the horrible act thanks to CCTV footage. The authorities nabbed the second culprit, Talha, who was responsible for inciting the mob, on Saturday (December 4).

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