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Telegram has launched Ad Platform

Telegram has launched Ad Platform

Telegram: A program that will allow individuals and businesses to transmit advertisements.

The company describes it as a solution for creating Sponsored Messages in public one-to-many channels with 1000+ users.

The company argues that it is introducing advertisements to help it develop. However, the change has not gone down well with all users.

Despite adding adverts on its platform, the firm has attempted to stress how and why it is different from WhatsApp in a blog post. In a blog post, Telegram’s product manager, CEO, and creator discusses why Telegram users are more ad-free than WhatsApp users. Here are some of the main reasons he gives:

  • WhatsApp already shares user data with advertisers even though they don’t show ads themselves.
  • On Telegram, however, advertisers will never get your private data. 
  • Besides, if you use Telegram the way you use WhatsApp, you will never see a single ad.

According to Telegram’s CEO, internet advertising should no longer be associated with the violation of user privacy. “We’d like to rethink how a technology firm should run by demonstrating a self-sustaining platform that respects its users and content providers,” he adds.

One article is about
Germany’s lead data protection regulator said that it was taking action against the social network to prevent the collection of personal data from users of its WhatsApp messaging app.

The second is about Ireland watchdog slapping 225 million euros fine on WhatsApp for flouting EU data rules

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