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The Army has partnered with the University of Kashmir to offer soldiers distance education courses

The Army and the University of Kashmir inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Monday to provide distance education courses to soldiers stationed in the valley. The agreement was signed at Gandhi Hall, University of Kashmir, by Vice-Chancellor Prof Talat Ahmad and General Officer Commanding of Chinar Corps Lt Gen D P Pandey, according to a Defence Spokesman.

He described the establishment of a long-term cooperation between the University of Kashmir, Srinagar, and the Chinar Corps for the provision of distance education courses to soldiers now serving in Kashmir as “historic.”

“According to the MoU, Indian Army soldiers stationed in Kashmir will be allowed to enrol in a variety of courses offered by the University of Kashmir’s Directorate of Distance Education. The courses available to Army troops range from six-month certificate programmes to one-year diploma programmes and two-year postgraduate programmes “According to the spokeswoman.

He stated that a total of 18 courses are currently accessible for Army troops to enrol in, with the number of courses to be raised in the future. Following the formal signing of the MoU, Prof Ahmad addressed the crowd, emphasising the university’s basic values and emphasising the importance of a long-term MoU that will assist the soldiers stationed in Kashmir.

Lt Gen Pandey lauded the achievement of a milestone in the field of education, which will enable the Chinar Corps personnel to accomplish their tasks in a difficult environment. He said that the University of Kashmir, with its rich tradition, culture, and academia, will provide a one-of-a-kind chance for Chinar Corps Army and civil defence professionals to pursue higher educational credentials, domain specialisation, and subject matter competence.

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