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The bill to repeal the farm law could be approved today in the Central Cabinet meeting, which begins at 11 a.m.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the repeal of all three controversial agriculture regulations in his November 19 address to the nation. The process of putting this PM’s announcement into action is now underway. Today, the Union Cabinet will meet under the supervision of Prime Minister Modi, and a bill to repeal all three agriculture regulations is expected to be adopted at the meeting.

The bill will be passed in both chambers of Parliament after the cabinet gives its consent, and all three agriculture laws will be repealed. Today is the last day for the Modi cabinet to approve the repeal of these laws. Today’s cabinet meeting will begin at 11 a.m. at the PMO.

Bill to be passed by both houses

Following that, the constitutional procedure of removing the law will commence on November 29 at the start of the winter session of Parliament. According to parliamentary norms, the procedure for repealing an existing law is the same as the procedure for enacting a new law. Just as a bill must be passed by both Houses of Parliament to create a new law, a bill must be passed by both Houses of Parliament to repeal or repeal an existing law.

In other words, the only way to repeal an existing law is to enact a new one. In this case, either three distinct bills for three laws or one bill for all three will be submitted in the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha in the Parliament session beginning November 29 to carry out the PM’s announcement. The bill will be sent to the President for approval after being passed by one house and then by the other house without debate or discussion after being introduced.

As soon as the President’s consent is secured, all three agriculture laws will be repealed. The length of time it takes to pass the bill will be determined by the government’s priorities. However, the Prime Minister’s remark suggests that the bill would be enacted by both chambers and forwarded to the President for assent within two days. In such a case, it is likely that all three agricultural laws will be repealed within the first week.

Significant considerations

  • To repeal all three agriculture laws, the government will introduce a single measure.
  • The bill will be known as the Farm Laws Repeal Bill, 2021.
  • The bill is expected to be introduced in the Lok Sabha on the opening day of the session.
  • Today’s chances of receiving cabinet approval
  • The administration has announced the introduction of 25 new bills this session.
  • The bill to regulate cryptocurrencies is one of the new proposals that the government has identified for submission in the Lok Sabha.
  • The bill’s goal is to “provide a conducive framework for the formation of an official digital currency to be issued by the RBI.”
  • The bill contains a provision prohibiting the use of all private cryptocurrencies.
  • Despite the fact that various exceptions have been established,
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