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Congress will begin the Jan Jagran Abhiyan on November 14

Between November 14 and November 29, the Congress will hold a statewide mass awareness campaign called Jan Jagran Abhiyan to highlight the Centre’s “anti-poor” policies.

“The policies of the PM Modi-led administration have resulted in a terrible and miserable manner of life for the people of the country.” Petrol, diesel, and edible oil prices have risen dramatically in the last two years. “The INC, led by Sonia Gandhi and led by Rahul Gandhi, is opposing this government,” said Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal during a press conference.

“In various sections of the country, we are conducting demonstrations. We formed a committee to call attention to the government’s anti-poor policies. We’ve proposed a course of action. “This initiative has been unanimously approved by the Congress Working Committee (CWC),” he stated.

“Party workers will organise padyatras, public gatherings, and raise the voice of the people who are suffering today as a result of historic price rises in parts of the country and the BJP’s misgovernance,” Venugopal added.

The Congress General Secretary further stated that the consequences from the Centre’s policies will most likely be seen during the winter session of parliament.

“This Abhiyan will last through November 29,” he remarked. The parliament’s winter session is also expected to begin around that time. The agony of ordinary people as a result of price increases will be represented there.”

This comes as seven states, including Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Gujarat, prepare for assembly elections in 2022.

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