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The family created a ruckus over the death of the elderly, beat up the hospital workers

After the death of the elderly admitted in the Bharat Vikas Parishad Hospital located in Dadabari police station area, his family created a ruckus. The hospital was ransacked and the employees assaulted. A report has been given to the police station on behalf of the hospital administration in the matter.

According to the case, elderly Babu Khan, a resident of Anantapura, was admitted to a private hospital in Talwandi due to heart problem. Where the relatives did not get relief from treatment, on December 4, Babu was admitted to the Bharat Vikas Parishad Hospital. The patient died on Wednesday morning during treatment. After which the family created a ruckus accusing the doctors of negligence. When the hospital staff tried to explain, they beat up and ransacked. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and took over the matter.

Already told the situation

The hospital administration said that the patient’s condition was very serious. The family had already been informed about it. The patient also had to install a machine, but the relatives did not install it. During treatment, as soon as he died on Wednesday, there was a ruckus by accusing the doctors.

Started investigation after receiving the report

Dadabari SHO Mohan Lal said that the report has been received from the hospital. The hospital also has a video of the incident, on the basis of which action will be taken after investigation.

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