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The first case of Omicron surfaced in China

Amid an increase in instances of the novel delta form AY.4 (sub-lineage AY.4) of the corona virus in China, the first case of the Omicron variant of the virus has also surfaced. Millions of people in the Eastern Province were then subjected to travel restrictions enforced by the authorities.

The first incidence of the Omicron variant of corona virus was reported in Tianjin, northern China, on Monday, according to government broadcaster CGTN-TV. In the press, it was reported that a new type of infection had been confirmed in a visitor from another country. At this time, no information concerning the person’s citizenship or the nation from which he has returned has been provided.

Officials claimed the person has no symptoms of Kovid-19 and that the presence of oomicron form was discovered in his respiratory sample on December 9 after an assessment. According to the news, the individual has been under monitoring since his arrival in Tianjin and is now receiving treatment at a hospital.

Meanwhile, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday that China’s Zhejiang province is experiencing a major outbreak of the delta form of the virus AY.4 (sub-lineage AY.4), with 138 locally infected Kovid-19 cases confirmed and one asymptomatic infected person discovered between December 5 and 12.

According to the news, whole genome sequencing and analysis revealed that the cases in three cities were caused by the delta form sub-lineage AY.4, which is more infectious and has a higher viral load (number of viruses) than the original novel corona virus, according to an official from the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

To prevent the virus from spreading further, local officials have restricted public meetings and travel outside of the region.

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