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The New iOS 15 is now installed on the majority of Apple iPhones

According to a website, Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 15, has reached 60 percent of all iOS devices. After 80 days, the most recent iOS 15, which was handed out to all devices in September, has attained 60 percent adoption. According to Mixpanel, roughly 59.8% of devices are running iOS 15, compared to approximately 36% of devices using iOS 14 last year.

Mixpanel has earlier stated that the adoption of iOS 15 was slower than that of iOS 14, which was released in the fall of last year. Apple now also publishes iOS adoption statistics, but has yet to do so for iOS 15. According to the company’s most recent statistics, around 85 percent of devices will be running iOS 14 until June 2021. The iOS 15 upgrade was first launched in June and began going out to all devices in September. This could be related to iOS 15’s first rough launch, which saw users report a number of flaws that were later fixed in subsequent upgrades.

According to the Mixpanel research, 4.58 percent of iPhones are running earlier iOS versions. According to the website, the report is made up of 839,760,360,334 records. When compared to the iOS 14 update from iOS 13, the iOS 15 version is more modest in terms of features. It has a number of usability and security enhancements.

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