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The plot was exposed when the news media obtained these four pieces of evidence

The Aryan Khan drug case disclosures have sparked outrage across the country. Aryan Khan, the son of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, was imprisoned following charges of a drug scandal and an inquiry into the issue, in which NCB zonal director Samir Wankhede himself was questioned. Today, a few news outlets have revealed major findings about the drug issue. Four such pieces of evidence have been discovered by a private news station, proving that a plot was formed to retrieve the money in this instance.

It is evident from the evidence that the news media has gotten its hands on how a private detective firm, KP Gosavi & Co, was extorting money from NCB.

The first proof of the recovery scandal

A private news channel has access to a WhatsApp conversation. This communication took place on October 3, and it disclosed the secrets of a mutual exchange between two major NCB witnesses in the cruise drugs case, KP Gosavi and Prabhakar Sail.

WhatsApp Chat

KP Gosavi: Go Haji Ali and complete the work which I told you. From there come back home.

Prabhakar Sail: Yes sir

NCB has also received Prabhakar Sail’s WhatsApp conversation with KP Gosavi. KP Gosavi had ordered by messaging Sail in this WhatsApp chat. The WhatsApp conversation between Prabhakar Sail and KP Gosavi shows that there was a big game going on in the cruise party after the NCB raid. According to Prabhakar Sail’s statement, KP Gosavi requested him to go to Haji Ali to collect Rs 50 lakh cash from someone near the Indiana Hotel, and Prabhakar Sail arrived at 9:45 a.m., where a white coloured car arrived and handed me two bags full of cash.

Prabhakar Sail, the purported recovery scandal’s ringleader, has revealed yet another shocking revelation. Many people had previously been identified prior to the NCB operation, and a trap had been set for their arrest. In his affidavit, Prabhakar Sail claims that KP Gosavi provided him images of numerous persons via WhatsApp.

Second proof of recovery case

On this WhatsApp conversation, the date is listed as October 2nd, and the time is put as 1:23 minutes. Kiran Gosavi had provided images of several persons to Prabhakar Shail via WhatsApp, instructing him to inform him if these people were seen leaving the Green Gate on the cruise. These facts are also referenced in Shail’s affidavit. All of the discussions have been obtained by a private news channel and other media, and it is apparent that KP Gosavi emailed images of ten persons to his chauffeur Prabhakar Sail. KP Gosavi’s ten targets were all high-profile individuals.

Prabhakar Sail had also recognised one of the ten targets, and he had notified KP Gosavi about it over WhatsApp. According to Prabhakar Sail’s affidavit, Gosavi informed Prabhakar Sail that NCB had detained 13 people in this case about 4:23 p.m.

Third evidence of conspiracy of recovery scandal

Prabhakar Sail took a selfie while standing near the boat, according to images obtained by a private news organisation. KP Gosavi may be seen standing directly behind NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede in some of these photos. KP Gosavi may have used these photos to establish himself as a member of the NCB team. Perhaps he meant for individuals who don’t know who KP Gosavi is to understand that he is an NCB employee, not a private individual.

Fourth evidence of conspiracy of recovery scandal

Number four and WhatsApp chat are proof of this hidden game being played behind the scenes. Prabhakar Sail and NCB employee Sameer Salekar had this conversation. Prabhakar Sail stated in his statement that he was made a panch, or witness, and that without informing him, he was given 10 blank documents to sign, despite the fact that at the time of the incident, he did not even have an Aadhar card. Prabhakar Sail clearly sent his Aadhaar card to NCB employee Sameer Salekar, as evidenced by this exchange.

Let us remind you that NCB’s Panch, independent witness Prabhakar Sail, revealed in front of the media that NCB personnel had gotten him to sign blank paper. And now, in his affidavit to NCB, he has detailed the entire storey in chronological order. Whats Chap and Prabhakar Sail’s Affidavit have revealed some additional information. He has revealed a lot of information about the cruise drugs case.

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