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The PNB refutes claims of a data breach

Punjab National Bank has refuted claims made in a cyber security firm’s report that the bank’s millions of clients’ personal data was accessed owing to a system flaw.

A report from the cyber security firm Cyberx9 was picked up by a number of news publications.

According to the report, the bank’s system was vulnerable for around seven months, exposing the data of 180 million customers.

The bank claimed in a four-point clarification message released on Twitter that it had verified all information systems connected to the bank’s server and found no data breach as described in the storey.

According to the Cuberx9 report, the bank did not completely refute the attempted hacking or vulnerability.

“We have checked our systems those on internet-facing and operating in the background. The reported attempt of the perpetrator was monitored and checked,” the bank said.

“There has been no breach of systems and pilferage of any data of any of our customers,” the banks said in a statement.

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