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The tug of war between Gehlot and the pilot camp over cabinet expansion

For the past few days, speculation has been going on regarding the expansion of Rajasthan cabinet. CM Ashok Gehlot and his arch rival Sachin Pilot are constantly discussing with big leaders along with the Congress high command. The Sachin camp believes that the time has come to make him sit on the CM’s chair. In Rajasthan, a convention has prevailed for two decades. If Congress goes, BJP comes and after BJP leaves, Congress is sure to come. The Sachin camp believes that to break this myth, it is necessary to change the top leadership of the power two years ago so that they can do positive publicity among the people. On the other hand, the difficulty for them is that Gehlot is getting stronger with every new day. Whether it is about Panchayat elections or by-elections. Gehlot has proved his supremacy on every occasion.

Talking about Rajasthan, only a maximum of 30 ministers can be made in the 200-member assembly. The rule is that in any province, only 15 percent of the total members of the assembly can become ministers. There are nine vacant posts in Rajasthan at present. Apart from Gehlot, there are ten cabinet ministers in the state and ten ministers of state. Three more seats may be vacant, as Govind Singh Dotesara is the state Congress chief as well as a minister. Similarly, Raghu Sharma is in-charge of AICC Gujarat and Harish Chaudhary is in-charge of Punjab. He will have to leave the ministerial post sooner or later. In this way, there may be three more vacancies in the cabinet, but Gehlot will not fill all the posts. He will keep two to three posts vacant for unhappy MLAs. So that they can use these posts slyly to persuade the rhetoric when needed.

Sources say that the cabinet expansion will also reflect the status of Pilot in the party. What is the hold of their high command? Therefore, at present, the cabinet expansion is considered very important for the Rajasthan Congress. But it is not that easy for the pilot to beat Gehlot and get his loved ones in the cabinet. Last year, when Sachin had raised the ruckus of protest over his 19 MLAs, then Yen Ken Prakaren Gehlot saved the government but he had to depend on other parties along with independents. After the intervention of the high command, there was a reconciliation between the two but the bitterness still persists. The MLAs of the Sachin camp don’t waste any opportunity to criticize Gehlot.

However, in January, the high command on its part tried to strike a balance between the two camps. The MLAs of the pilot camp were also given space at the time of the announcement of state executives. But over the past one year, Gehlot has shown that it is not so easy for a pilot to shake him. If they want, they can riot to get their loyalists a place in the cabinet. Pilot says that the committee formed by the high command last year was only for the change in the politics of Rajasthan Congress. He says that that committee was formed on the orders of Sonia Gandhi. He says that the committee will do its work soon. But the other side of the coin is also that there are reports of cabinet expansion continuously in Rajasthan, but famous as magicians throw such dice that the wind of the opposing camp is blown out.

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