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This actress will replace Salman Khan with Bigg Boss 15 overnight, the show will see a lot of entertainment!

Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan’s popular reality show, has fallen short of expectations. Bigg Boss 15 TRP is unable to move up the rankings. The show hasn’t even cracked the top ten on the TRP list. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss 15 has received some new information. According to sources, Shehnaaz Gill, a Bigg Boss 13 participant, has taken over as the show’s host (Shehnaaz Gill In Bigg Boss 15). Shehnaaz Gill will take over as the host of Bigg Boss 15 soon. According to reports, Shahnaz Gill will appear in the show this week in place of Salman Khan.

Shehnaaz Gill was approached by the producers of Bigg Boss 15 and it was reported that she would take a wild card admission. Shahnaz Gill, on the other hand, declined the offer. Meanwhile, numerous media outlets are reporting that Shahnaz Gill will be spotted rocking the weekend this week. Salman Khan is reportedly not going to host Bigg Boss 15 this week, according to reports. Because Salman Khan is on his Dabang tour this week, he was unable to film this week. Shahnaz Gill would be seen providing a touch of entertainment in such a setting.


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However, neither the show’s creators nor Shehnaaz Gill himself have confirmed this as of yet. Shahnaz Gill’s admirers have been overjoyed since hearing the news. Shahnaz Gill did not appear in any TV show after Siddharth Shukla’s death, according to reports. Shahnaz Gill was recently seen promoting her film Hausla Rakh.

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