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This will be a big divorce after Bezos and Gates, ex-wife of Russian nobleman demands billions of dollars

After Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, another high-profile divorce could be announced around the world. Ex-wife of Russia’s second richest man, Vladimir Potanin, Natalia Potanina, has filed a divorce claim for billions of rubles. In this regard, he has contacted the court. However, whether the appeal will be heard by the London Supreme Court remains to be seen.

Potanina has requested a 50% interest in MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSC, which is owned by Vladimir. Vladimir owns one-third of the shares in this company, which could be worth more than $ 70 million. Potanina was accused of ‘divorce tourism’ by the lower court. Potanina appealed the court’s ruling, and Vladimir is now defending himself.

Potanina claims that, in addition to Norilsk stock, she will be willing to accept half of the dividends received since 2014. Since then, her ex-husband has made 487.3 billion rubles ($66 million), putting his net worth at $29.9 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Apart from that, Potanina has sought half the price of Autumn House, a Russian property.

Potanina claims that the Russian divorce processes resulted in the discovery of around $ 40 million. Potanin, on the other hand, claimed to have received $ 84 million. Potanina’s lawyer, Franches Hue, has yet to remark on the situation. Potanin’s lawyer, on the other hand, has remained silent on the subject. The divorce courts in London are well-known for being popular sites for high-stakes legal conflicts. Farkad Akhmedov’s instance of paying the most after divorce in London is well-known.

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