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Tikait: Agitation can go on for 5 years like governments

BKU spokesperson Rakesh Tikait does not seem ready to back down on the three agricultural laws. Tikait along with farmers and other leaders celebrated Diwali at the Ghazipur protest site on Thursday. In Ghazipur, the agitating farmers also organized a program “Do Diya, for the martyrs” for the martyred soldiers. During this, Tikait said that if the government can run for five years, then the movement can also go on for five years.

In an interview given to a private channel, Tikait said, “The last time the central government spoke to the farmers was on January 22. The farmers have given an ultimatum to the government till November 26. That day will be a year for the farmers’ protest.” During this, when he was asked how long the agitation would last? Responding to this question, Tikait said, “If the government can last for five years, then the agitation can also last for five years.” Tikait also said that the farmers are on standby for two hours with their tractors.

“Low crowd is not an issue”: Tikait

Rakesh further said that people’s thoughts and opinions make them bigger and not just physical appearance. So the lack of crowd at the protest site is not an issue. The farmers are on standby mode with their tractors.

Tikait attacked on Govt. regarding rising of Inflation

Rakesh Tikait also attacked the government regarding rising inflation. Rakesh did not say that the government should think that many families cannot even light diyas on Diwali.

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