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Gmail Locked: To recover your Gmail account, you should know these things

If you’ve ever lost access to your Gmail or Google account, you’re probably aware of the awful sense of losing all of your data in Docs, Gmail, or Drive. We frequently receive requests from customers seeking assistance in regaining access to their lost Google Account.

The most common reason for account locking is forgetting the password. There are various options for resetting your Google account password. However, some options must be active or adjusted beforehand in order for the reset procedure to go smoothly.

We’ll go over all of the Google account settings in this guide to assist you restore account access if you forget your password. Also, keep in mind that if things don’t go as planned, Google may terminate your account.

Use a password manager or autofill to keep track of your passwords

Most cellphones and web browsers have an autofill feature that maintains track of remembered passwords and fills them in when they’re needed. If you don’t already have one, a password manager app like Zoho Vault or similar is a good choice.

Make a list of all your previous passwords

Keeping track of all old passwords is also a smart idea. When resetting a password, Google may ask for their previous password or any other password they’ve used with their Google Account.

Fill in all of the required Recover information

Another key aspect of keeping your Google Account up to date is entering the recovery information ahead of time. As a result, if you need to restore your account in the future, Google will use this information to verify your identity.

Follow these steps to check recovery information

  • Go to your Google Account page and select the Security option from the left-hand column.
  • Now scroll down to the section titled “Ways we can prove it’s you.”
  • You’ll find options such as a recovery phone number, an email address, and a security question here.
  • Make sure you’ve included these details if you haven’t already. Google, on the other hand, no longer accepts security questions.
  • Click Options and enter your email address to add a recovery email address.
  • (This could be a different Gmail account or an email from a different service provider.) Verify should be selected.
  • You will now receive a six-digit number in the email address you provided. Copy the code and paste it into the recovery email address field.
  • To add a recovery phone number, follow the same steps. Enter the phone number and confirm it with the OTP that was sent to it.
  • You’re ready to reset the account password once you’ve completed all of the steps. To do so, go to the Google Account Recovery page, input your email address, and then follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.
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