December 6, 2022

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Tripura cops are accused of “intimidation” by women journalists, who are named in a FIR

Image courtesy: NDTV

Following a complaint by a supporter of the right-wing party Vishva Hindu Parishad, two woman journalists in Tripura were named in a FIR (first information report).

Following a complaint by a supporter of the right-wing party Vishva Hindu Parishad, two woman journalists in Tripura were named in a FIR (first information report). The journalists, Sammriddhi Sakunia and Swarna Jha, claimed that cops arrived to their hotel early this morning and “intimidated” them, claiming that they were covering recent violent incidents in the state.

In a complaint made by Kanchan Das, the journalists were accused of “promoting hatred between various groups on religious grounds” under Section 153-A and “becoming a part of criminal conspiracy” under Section 120 (B) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Despite the fact that Ms Sakunia claimed in a tweet that they were not permitted to leave the hotel, sources suggest that a squad of cops “just delivered a notice” to them, and then asked them to attend for questioning on November 21. “We proceeded to see the journalists who were staying in a hotel in Dharmanagar sub-division of Tripura’s north district today based on a FIR. We obtained their consent and chatted with them in order to obtain some basic information. We delivered a notice to them. They begged that we give them some time so that they could bring their lawyer with them. Permission was granted. They’ve probably already left, “According to a police officer.

The Home Ministry dismissed accusations of vandalism of a mosque in Gomati district on Saturday, amid massive protests in Maharashtra over reported clashes in Tripura.

Ms Jha said they spoke to residents about the mosque damage in a series of tweets on Saturday. She also provided a copy of the FIR (first information report) and cited a VHP gathering in another tweet, where she elaborated on the claims made by people associated with the right-wing organisation.

Ms Sakunia tweeted this morning: “We were due to leave for the capital, Agartala, but despite our best efforts, we have been denied permission to travel. Outside our hotel, there are about 16-17 police officers.”

“I’ll be issuing a statement shortly detailing all of the intimidation I faced while covering the #Tripura storey. Meanwhile, we’re pursuing legal action. P.S. We are not permitted to leave our hotel room. (sic).”

According to sources, both of them may be questioned in connection with the spread of fake news.

The Home Ministry denied claims of vandalism at a mosque in the BJP-ruled state on Saturday. “There have been rumours circulating that a mosque in the Kakraban area of Tripura’s Gomati district has been vandalised and damaged. These news stories are false and completely misrepresent the facts “a statement with a forceful phrasing read

Tripura Police asked Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to furnish data of over a hundred accounts from which allegedly fraudulent and provocative posts were made last week.

Over a dozen criminal cases have recently been filed, and 70 persons, including Supreme Court lawyers, activists, and religious campaigners, have been charged.

Shyam Meera Singh, a journalist, and lawyers Ansar Indori (of the National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations) and Mukesh (of the Peoples’ Union of Civil Liberties) petitioned the Supreme Court to have the FIRs against them dismissed.

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