December 8, 2022

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Twin Towers in Noida Will Collapse Once More, This Time In Sand And Laser Displays

This Diwali would mark Emerald Courtroom's first celebration without being in the shadow of the twin buildings in ten years.

This Diwali would mark Emerald Courtroom’s first celebration without being in the shadow of the twin buildings in ten years. And that calls for a great celebration with plenty of pomp and honouring the enormous undertaking that was the destruction of the buildings’ roughly 30 stories.

The society’s RWA announced on Monday that it is preparing a performance to display sand animation artwork, which may include images of the demolition on August 28, days before Diwali in this October.

On the evening of October 19, a presentation by Mumbai-based artist “Sand Kaushik,” who created images using sand on glass, would be shown live on a screen in the society’s central park. This will be followed by a light and sound performance that will focus on the aftermath, namely the process of removing the 80,000 tonnes of debris that the towers had become, which is still continuing on in society.

Now, a Diwali festival has been planned for October 19. While the mela has a Rajasthani theme, the sand artwork and laser show will steal the show, according to UBS Teotia, RWA president, Emerald Courtroom, Sector 93A.

“Sand Kaushik will provide a timeline of the twin buildings’ history, detailing their planning in 2006, construction beginning in 2009, the subsequent legal dispute raised by the RWA, all the way to the Supreme Court and its eventual demolition this year. The artist is based in Mumbai, and the entire performance may last about a quarter-hour, according to Sanjay Sardinian, RWA’s basic secretary.

The RWA members claimed that, like Diwali’s tale, they had “overcome evil” by fighting a protracted legal battle that resulted in the destruction of the towers.

The nexus of the builder and crooked officers will now think twice before stealing the hard-earned money of the homeowners, Sarda said. “Now we have demonstrated that if people stay united and determined against all odds, even the seemingly unimaginable is feasible.”

According to the RWA, the laser show will air well-known couplets by the Urdu poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz and last roughly 30 minutes.

Sarda said that even though the locals had won their battle, there were still tasks to be completed. Among them are the cleanup of debris and repair work for the driveway that was destroyed prior to the destruction.

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