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Two people have been arrested in Cachar, Assam, for reportedly rapping a woman and attempting to kill her

Two men were detained in  Cachar district in Assam on Sunday, ten days after they were charged with attempting to murder a woman after rapping her.

The mother said in her statement that the two barged into her home on October 25 and threatened to harm her son if she did not comply. “They sexually assaulted me… When they attacked me with a sharp instrument, I tried to flee. They attempted to sever my head from my body, but I managed to flee. My left hand was missing four fingers. “When I started yelling, they bolted,” she explained.

She claimed the police initially refused to file a report and then ignored it. “On October 25, following a long disagreement with the police, I went to the Dholai police station (Assam) and lodged the case.” However, the accused was not even summoned to the police station… Later, the accused threatened to kill me once more. I had no choice but to flee… I’m beggaring it on the streets of Silchar town because I need to feed my son.”

The two have been arrested, according to Sahabuddin, the police station’s officer in charge. He mentioned their first investigation and noted that the complainant’s husband had recently remarried. “One of the two accused is her husband’s second wife’s father… the accused claim they are being framed. We are thoroughly investigating the situation because someone attempted to kill the complainant with a sharp object.”

The culprit will be brought before a court on Monday, according to Sahabuddin, who also stated that the complainant will be protected.

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