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Uber One Bundles rides, deliveries and food for $50 per year

Uber is no stranger to subscriptions; since 2018, the company has offered Amazon Prime-style services for a monthly price. Today, the firm is launching Uber One, a new service that emphasises the corporation’s post-pandemic move to food and grocery delivery.

Uber One members will receive privileges such as guaranteed pricing on trips and deliveries, as well as savings such as 5% off “qualifying” rides, food, and grocery deliveries, for $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Members of Uber One will not be charged a delivery fee for takeout or groceries, will have preferential access to top-rated drivers and couriers, and will receive $5 cash back on late deliveries. Other “exclusive advantages,” such as various promos and “invite-only events,” will be available to them.

Most consumers will hop back and forth between Uber and Lyft in quest of the best price, thus Uber One is aimed at the company’s most regular — and loyal — users. Customers that continue to use Uber’s service, whether for rides, food delivery, or both, will be rewarded.

Eats Pass, the food delivery version of Uber’s first consumer subscription programme, which launched in 2018, will be replaced by Uber One. Uber Pass customers save 10% on rides and 5% on delivery orders for $24.99 per month. At the start of their next billing cycle, Eats Pass subscribers will be automatically upgraded to Uber One.

Members of Uber Pass will not see any changes to their plan; however, if they want to join Uber One, they must cancel Uber Pass and sign up for Uber One.

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