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Vaccination drive for Children in India, Govt. buy 1 Crore ZyCov-D Vaccines

The central government has ordered the purchase of one crore doses of the three-dose vaccine ‘Zycov-D‘ of the Ahmedabad-based company Zydus Cadila. Along with this, this vaccine will be included in the national anti-coronavirus vaccination campaign this month. Official sources gave this information on Sunday.

Sources said that the Union Health Ministry is understood to have given the initial steps to include the developed world’s first DNA-based Kovid-19 vaccine in the country in the vaccination programme. Initially, priority will be given to planting it in adults.

One Crore Dose Orders Placed

Zycov-D is the first vaccine approved by India’s drug regulator for immunization of people 12 years of age or older. An official source said that the Center has placed an order for one crore doses of Zycov-D vaccine to Zydus Cadila, which costs around Rs 358 excluding taxes.

Three doses to be given at an interval of 28 days

This price also includes the cost of ‘Jet Applicator’ costing Rs 93. With the help of this, the dose of vaccine will be given. “The vaccine is likely to be given to adults only initially due to limited production capacity,” the source said. Company officials told the ministry that Zydus Cadila plans to provide 10 million doses of Zycov-D per month. is in position.

Three doses are to be given at an interval of 28 days. Developed in the country, this is the world’s first such vaccine which is DNA-based and needle-less. Zycov-D received approval for emergency use from the drug regulator on August 20.

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