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VP Jagdeep Dhankar meets his beloved teacher

On Monday, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar of India and his wife, Dr. Sudhesh Dhankar, visited his 83-year-old school teacher, Ratna Nair, of Champad near Panoor in Panniyannur Grama panchayat in the district. Ratna Nair is from Champad, which is near Panoor in the district.

Nair shared her pleasure with the vice president and said that “there cannot be a better Guru Dakshina than this.” Additionally, the Vice President showed the mathematics instructor respect by touching the teacher’s feet.

The vice president of the company introduced her wife to the instructor, and the three of them spoke to each other for almost half an hour about past incidents.

She remembered “a young boy in khaki , sitting in the first row, with full concentration in the class at Sainik School Chittorgarh , a boarding school in Rajasthan. She added: “he was a very active, well disciplined and obedient boy who excelled in all activities inside and outside the class. He was a good debater, portsperson and academics too,” she mentioned.

The instructor’s family and her offered coconut water to the VP family as they entered the classroom. Homemade idli and banana chips were also served.

Though many of her students are in high positions, mostly in forces and police, it is the first time that one of them has reached the second highest constitutional position in the country, and Ms Ratna is justifiably proud of her”Jagdeep”.

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