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Wankhede family retaliate after allegation, defamation case slapped on Malik

Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik, who made several allegations against NCB officer Sameer Wankhede in Aryan Khan drug case, has created a stir by releasing an audio. Nawab Malik has released the audio of the phone conversation between Sanville Stanley D’Souza and the NCB officer on his Twitter, in which the full story of what was cooked between the two. Malik has released this audio with the picture of Sanvil D’Souza. Nawab Malik claims that the name of the NCB officer in this viral audio is VV Singh and on the other hand the talker Sanville Stanley D’Souza.

In the audio released by Nawab Malik, it can be heard that Sanvil D’Souza calls up NCB officer VV Singh and introduces himself. He says on the phone that he is speaking Sanville. On this NCB officer VV Singh says- ‘Who Sanville? After this Sanville tells that I am the one at whose house you have given notice, I came to know. Hearing the notice, VV Singh remembers and says- good… well… Sanvil… you live in Bandra don’t you? When are you coming to Senville? To this, Senville replies that I have not reached Mumbai yet, my health is also not well.

After this, in the audio released by Nawab Malik, NCB officer VV Singh can be heard asking, ‘Phir kab aa raha hai tu. So Sanville replies that he will come on Monday. On this the officer said that come on Wednesday, not on Monday. I am not on Monday and bring this phone of mine, I don’t want any action. I have your IMEI number all ready. I’m warning you After this Sainival says that I will not do any such work. Ok sir.’ Please tell that ‘Hindustan’ does not confirm the veracity of this audio.

Nawab Malik has also shared the notice issued to Sainiwal, in which his full name is written Sanville Stanley D’Souza. Meanwhile, today Nawab Malik is also going to hold a press conference. Let us tell you that on October 2, there was a raid on the Mumbai cruise and on October 3, Aryan Khan was arrested.

How did D’Souza’s name come about?

D’Souza’s name had cropped up in connection with allegations of payment to NCB in lieu of release of Aryan in the drug case. In fact, Prabhakar Sail, who was allegedly the bodyguard of Kiran Gosavi, had claimed in his affidavit that he had heard Kiran Gosavi talking to someone Sam D’Souza. In which there was talk of taking 25 crores to leave Aryan Khan. Later, there was talk of settling the matter for Rs 18 crore, out of which Rs 8 crore was to be given to Sameer Wankhede. After making the allegation, NCB witness Prabhakar Sail also showed the picture of Sam D’Souza to the media.

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