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Weather will change from today in Rajasthan !

The weather in Rajasthan will change starting today. Rain may fall in several regions of Rajasthan due to the simultaneous activation of two systems. The new system’s effects are expected to persist for the following two to three days. In the next 12 hours, a low pressure region is expected to emerge in the South Andaman Sea, according to the Meteorological Department. A western disturbance is also likely to be active beginning Wednesday. Rain will fall in several sections of the state as a result of this.

Light to moderate rain may fall in several regions of South and South East Rajasthan under the impact of this system, according to the Meteorological Department. On Wednesday, meteorologist Himanshu Sharma of the Meteorological Department predicts light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning in the Bharatpur, Kota, and Udaipur divisions. Rain is also possible in the Jodhpur division’s Pali and Jalore.

On December 2nd, the biggest impact will be felt

According to the Meteorological Department, Maavath may reappear in Rajasthan as a result of the shift in weather. The effects of this system are expected to linger for the next two to three days in Rajasthan. However, the full impact will be felt on December 2.

Tomorrow, heavy rain is forecast in one or two spots in the Udaipur division

On December 2, the state’s districts of Jodhpur, Kota, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Ajmer may have light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning, according to the Meteorological Department. Heavy rain is also possible in one or two locations in the Udaipur division.

Weather will be like this on 3rd and 4th December

Similarly, on December 3, there is a possibility of light rain at isolated places in East Rajasthan. The weather is likely to be dry in the state once again on December 4, 2021. At present, winter is neutral in many parts of the state. After the effect of these systems is over, once again the phase of drop in temperature can be seen in the state.

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