January 28, 2023

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WhatsApp’s big action, more than 20 lakh Indian accounts banned

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In October of this year, WhatsApp disabled nearly two million Indian accounts after receiving 500 complaints.

In October of this year, WhatsApp disabled nearly two million Indian accounts after receiving 500 complaints. This information was provided in the messaging service app’s compliance report. According to the company’s recent report, 20,69,000 Indian WhatsApp accounts were disabled during this time.

The +91 phone number is supposed to be related to the identity of the Indian account. “WhatsApp has been in the forefront of preventing the use of hate speech among end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms,” a company spokeswoman said. To keep our users secure on our platform, we’ve continually invested in AI and other cutting-edge technologies, data scientists and experts, and procedures throughout the years.

According to him, the firm has issued its fifth monthly report in accordance with the IT Rules 2021. This user-safety report, according to the spokesperson, includes data about user complaints and associated WhatsApp actions, as well as steps taken by the firm to combat hate speech on the messaging service platform.

In October, Facebook took ‘action’ on 1.88 million Facebook users account

During October, social media behemoth Meta took ‘action’ on over 188 million pieces of material on Facebook in 13 infringement categories in India. This information was released by the corporation on Wednesday. According to the company’s monthly compliance report, Facebook’s photo-sharing network Instagram processed over 3 million pieces of material across 12 categories throughout the month.

Large digital platforms (with more than five million users) are required to file monthly compliance reports under information technology legislation that went into effect earlier this year. This report provides information on the complaints that were received and the actions that were taken in response to them.

It also contains information on content that was deleted as a result of automated monitoring. In September, Facebook processed over 26 million pieces of material across ten categories, while Instagram processed over 3.2 million pieces of content across nine categories. According to META, Facebook received 686 complaints through its Indian complaints system between October 1 and October 31. “As a result of these reports, we were able to give consumers with w

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