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Who Is Rita Fox? Russian Adult Star Gets Jail For Baring Bottom Near Cathedral

Rita Fox, a Russian woman who is known on the adult video site OnlyFans as Rita Fox, has been sentenced to two weeks in prison for flashing her buttocks in front of a cathedral in Moscow. She is one of a slew of celebrities who have been arrested by authorities in the country in recent months for similar risky stunts in public locations.

The teenage influencer, identified as Ksenia Damova, alleges in a social media message, as stated in publications, that she was detained for 14 days for “petty hooliganism.” More information can be found here. She had posted the contentious photo online, which showed her with her trousers down in front of Moscow’s iconic Red Square’s St Isaac’s Cathedral.

The church is close to the Kremlin, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s official residence. The recent collection of influencers and content creators who pulled suggestive pranks on public property – particularly those linked with the state – has been interpreted as a push for the president’s conservative agenda.

Many internet artists, not just Fox, are being chastised for their conduct. Irina Volkova, a model, is facing a year in prison for flashing her bottoms near St Isaac’s Cathedral earlier this year. Despite the fact that the video of her pushing her skirt up was allegedly shared over the summer, officials only now became aware of it. According to the Daily Mail, prosecutors said that the Instagram celebrity had “humiliated and insulted” the Russian Church.

Anastasia Chistova and Ruslan Murodzhonzoda, another TikTok couple, are also facing a ten-month sentence for allegedly simulating oral sex near St Basil’s Cathedral.”

Know Who Is Rita Fox And What She Is Saying About Her Term

Fox is 20 years old and stays connected with fans on social media through OnlyFans and Telegram. She also has a Twitter account that shows she has appeared in several adult films as well.

She said this was her first trip to the Red Square and that she meant no disrespect to her forefathers in Russia by posing the way she did near the church. “I’ll be punished for disorderly conduct,” she wrote to her fans on Telegram, according to local media channel RT.

Since her imprisonment on November 3, the inventor has been active on her channels. She wrote on OnlyFans, “Instead of arresting the real perpetrators, they decided to punish me for this shot against the backdrop of the Moscow Kremlin.”


Rita Fox
Image: Rita Fox, Russian Porn Star (Source: East2weet News)
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