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WHO warns, increased infection in children aged five to 14 years, two people who reached Amritsar from Italy, corona infected

In India, a new Corona variant is rapidly growing. This has also been raised by the WHO. According to the WHO, this virus is rapidly rising among youngsters aged 5 to 14. In several nations, the number of cases of infection in children has increased by two to three times. In India, there have been 23 instances of Omicron so far. Karnataka was the first state to report a case.

Only those from outside India have confirmed the virus, which is a relief for India. It is fair to say that its proliferation has not begun locally. New Corona rules have also been released by a number of states. At the same time, two passengers arriving from Milan, Italy at Amritsar’s Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport were determined to be corona infected. Their confirmation of being hit by Omicron, on the other hand, has yet to be confirmed.

The new policy of the Uttar Pradesh government

In light of the growing threat of Omicron, the Uttar Pradesh government has implemented Section 144 in Lucknow. This order is now in effect and will stay in effect until January 5. Apart from that, gyms, restaurants, cinema halls, multiplexes, and hotels can only operate at 50% capacity. When exiting the house, you’ll need to put on a mask. Only 100 persons will be able to attend the activities that will be hosted in confined spaces.

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