December 6, 2022

The Shining Media

True Journalism. Real Journalism.

About Us is India’s online independent news agency, covering updates from the world of Politics, Entertainment, Sports, International, National, and a lot more.

With the USP of Fact-checking, which is for the first time on a news website on the internet, our aim is to provide a depth reality of the viral fake news with a lot more exciting features.

Along with that, we provide the knowledge of unknown facts on various interesting topics which makes it one of the advanced features by the TheShiningMedia news website.

With the aim to provide real and unbiased information to the readers, TheShiningMedia is founded by a young and energetic journalist of the nation, practicing Journalism as a responsible organization and accountable as the fourth pillar of democracy. TheShiningMedia stands for showcasing the reality and unbiased journalism which is free from the influence of the corporate world and any political ideology.

Aryan Jakhar founded The Shining Media. He initially launched The Shining Media in Mid-2021 but when he got an amazing response from the public, he finally launched The Shining Media in Late 2021. Earlier he was working with BusinessUpturn before he started The Shining Media. 

Currently, apart from a Founder, he is working as an Editor-in-Chief at The Shining Media.