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Delhi’s Air Quality Remains a Concern Despite Recent Rains

Despite recent rainfall improving conditions slightly, Delhi's air quality continues to be a concern, with the CPCB categorizing it as 'Poor'. Efforts to combat pollution include implementing GRAP 4 regulations and considering measures like artificial rain, while the Supreme Court urges a halt to stubble burning in neighboring states.

The air quality in Delhi continues to be a cause for concern, with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) categorizing it as ‘Poor’. Despite recent rainfall, which brought a slight improvement from ‘Very Poor’ to ‘Poor’, residents are still grappling with pollution-related issues.

As per CPCB data, various areas in Delhi reported high AQI levels on Sunday morning at 7.00 am. Anand Vihar recorded an AQI of 266, RK Puram at 241, Punjabi Bagh at 233, and ITO area at 227. These numbers indicate that the air quality across the city remains detrimental to health.

In response to the persistent air pollution, authorities are rigorously implementing the pollution-related GRAP 4 regulations. Vehicles entering Delhi are being checked to ensure compliance with these rules.

The city saw a dip in pollutants PM 2.5 and PM10 levels following the rainfall, but the relief was short-lived. A local resident, while walking at Kartavya Path, expressed concerns over the ongoing air quality issues, mentioning difficulties in breathing even after the rain.

The Delhi government, led by Environment Minister Gopal Rai, postponed the implementation of the odd-even car-rationing scheme, which was proposed to help reduce pollution. Instead, the government is focusing on other anti-pollution measures, including the consideration of ‘artificial rain’.

In an effort to address the issue, Stage IV of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) has been implemented in the national capital. This plan includes a series of actions to combat air pollution, reflecting the government’s commitment to tackling this environmental crisis.

The Supreme Court, noting the hazardous air quality, directed an immediate halt to stubble burning in neighboring states like Punjab, Haryana, and western Uttar Pradesh. This practice has been identified as one of the major contributors to air pollution in Delhi.

The weather department forecasts a partly cloudy sky with mist or shallow fog in the mornings for the next two post-Diwali days, followed by mainly clear skies with shallow fog in the mornings for the subsequent two days.

As Delhi navigates through this challenging phase of poor air quality, the combined efforts of the government, judiciary, and citizens are crucial in mitigating pollution levels and safeguarding public health. The situation calls for collective and sustained action to ensure cleaner air and a healthier environment for all residents of the national capital.

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