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India Extends Helping Hand to Earthquake-Hit Nepal, Strengthening Ties Amidst Crisis

India extends critical aid to Nepal after earthquakes, embodying solidarity and strengthening ties under the 'Neighbourhood First Policy' amidst crisis.

In the early hours of Thursday, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck Nepal, a reminder of the fragile seismic reality of the Himalayan nation. The Nepal Seismological Centre reported that the earthquake’s epicentre was located in Chitlang of Makwanpur district, occurring at around 1:20 am local time. Fortunately, this incident did not result in any casualties.

This recent seismic activity comes on the heels of a more devastating event that Nepal is still grappling with. On November 3, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook the nation, inflicting significant loss of lives and property. The toll from this catastrophe was substantial, with 157 lives lost and many more injured. The quake’s impact was felt beyond Nepal’s borders, with tremors reaching New Delhi and parts of northern India.

In response to these tragic events, India has stepped forward as a steadfast ally, embodying the spirit of cooperation and solidarity. The Indian government, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Neighbourhood First Policy,” was quick to extend a helping hand. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar highlighted this policy as the cornerstone of India’s rapid response, underscoring the nation’s commitment to supporting its neighbours in times of need.

India’s response to the November 3 earthquake was prompt and comprehensive. As the first responder, India dispatched an emergency aid package that included essential medical supplies, relief materials, and other necessities to assist those affected by the earthquake. This humanitarian gesture not only showcased India’s capacity to provide immediate relief but also reflected the deep-rooted ties between the two neighbouring nations.

The support from India has been ongoing and responsive to the needs articulated by Nepal. On Monday, the Indian government sent the fourth tranche of earthquake relief support, comprising vital medicines and equipment. This tranche was tailored to the requirements shared by the Nepal Medical Association, ensuring that the aid provided was both relevant and effective.

To date, India has shipped over 34 tonnes of emergency relief materials to Nepal, targeting the families affected by the earthquake, particularly in the Jajarkot region and surrounding areas. This substantial contribution underscores the depth of India’s commitment to aiding its neighbour during challenging times.

The recent earthquakes in Nepal have once again brought to the forefront the vulnerability of the Himalayan region to seismic activities. These natural disasters serve as a stark reminder of the need for regional cooperation and preparedness in the face of such unpredictable calamities. India’s swift and empathetic response to the earthquakes not only exemplifies its role as a regional leader but also strengthens the bonds of friendship and collaboration between the two countries.

As Nepal continues its recovery and rebuilding efforts from the November 3 earthquake, the support from India remains a crucial component of these efforts. The aid provided by India goes beyond mere material assistance; it represents a gesture of goodwill, compassion, and a shared understanding of the challenges posed by natural disasters.

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