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Tiger 3 Review: A Franchise Running Out Of Roar

"Tiger 3" struggles to maintain the momentum of its predecessors, despite star-studded cameos and high-octane action.

Casts: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, Simran, Ranvir Shorey, Revathi, Kumud Mishra, Riddhi Dogra, Vishal Jethwa, Chandrachur Rai, Anant Vidhat Sharma, Gavie Chahal, Danish Husain.

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

“Tiger 3,” the third installment in the Tiger franchise, continues the saga of RAW agent Tiger (Salman Khan) and ex-ISI agent Zoya (Katrina Kaif). Directed by Maneesh Sharma, the film attempts to carry forward the legacy of its predecessors but does so with mixed results. While the film boasts a star-studded cast and the promise of high-octane action, it falls short of delivering a cohesive and compelling narrative.

The film opens with familiar faces like Ranvir Shorey and Kumud Mishra, who reprise their roles, while introducing new characters played by Revathi, Chandrachur Rai, Anant Vidhat Sharma, Simran, Riddhi Dogra, and Emraan Hashmi. Hashmi’s character, Aatish Rehman, is particularly notable, adding a new dimension to the film’s dynamics.

The plot revolves around a briefcase containing secret codes, raising questions about the loyalties of Tiger and Zoya. The first half of the film is engaging, filled with globe-trotting adventures, action-packed sequences, and comic book elements that have been a staple of the franchise. Tiger and Zoya, now parents, continue to display their prowess in combat and strategy, keeping the audience entertained.

However, the film’s second half sees a decline in its narrative strength. The plot becomes increasingly convoluted, and the portrayal of Indo-Pak relations, particularly through Simran’s character, feels forced and unrealistic. Hashmi, despite his screen presence, fails to deliver a menacing performance as the antagonist.

One of the film’s highlights is the cameo appearance of Shah Rukh Khan as Pathaan, bringing a refreshing energy and humor to the screen. His interactions with Salman Khan are a delight to watch, reminiscent of the camaraderie seen in the film “RRR.”

Despite these moments, “Tiger 3” struggles to maintain its momentum. The storytelling becomes lackluster, and the film misses out on opportunities to create more impactful moments, including the absence of Salman Khan’s iconic shirtless scenes. This leaves one wondering whether the franchise has enough material to justify a fourth installment.

“Tiger 3” is a mixed bag. While it has its moments of entertainment and showcases the charisma of its leading actors, it lacks the narrative depth and coherence to stand out as a memorable addition to the franchise. The film, rated two and a half stars, seems to be a step down from its predecessors, leaving fans with the hope that future installments, if any, will recapture the magic of “Ek Tha Tiger” and “Tiger Zinda Hai.”

“Tiger 3” falters in its attempt to continue the franchise’s legacy, despite strong performances and action sequences.

Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar
Aryan Jakhar is an Indian Journalist. He is currently working as an Editor-in-Chief at The Shining Media. He is also a founder of The Shining Media, Business Headline and Neemkathana Express digital news publications.


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