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Battle of the Titans: Independent Candidate’s Political Tactics Stir Intense Debate in Barmer-Jaisalmer

Independent candidate Ravindra Singh Bhatee's strategic moves in Barmer-Jaisalmer ignite heated discussions amidst a triangular electoral battle.

The most talked-about and debated Lok Sabha constituency in the country, Barmer-Jaisalmer, is currently the center of attention with discussions revolving around who will emerge victorious in the triangular contest. All candidates are making claims of their potential victories. Amidst this, independent candidate Ravindra Singh Bhati is actively engaging with the rural areas of his constituency to address the issues faced by the common people. As part of this initiative, Bhati visited Jodhpur recently, meeting with the rural populace and discussing their concerns.

During his visit to Jaisalmer, Bhati met with senior BJP leader Devi Singh Bhati in the Mulana village. This meeting, held amidst the political corridors, carried significant implications.

According to sources, on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, former MLA from the Kolayat constituency in Bikaner, Devi Singh Bhati, visited the Mulana village to meet with relatives. Celebrations were underway during this time. While in Jaisalmer, when independent candidate Ravindra Singh Bhati learned about Devi Singh Bhati’s visit to the Mulana village, he also decided to meet him there. Several political discussions ensued during their meeting. During this interaction, Devi Singh Bhati inquired about Ravindra Singh Bhati’s prospects in the Lok Sabha elections, to which Ravindra explained that the public had supported him, voting for him in the name of nationalism, ensuring his victory.

Discussion on Development

During their meeting at Hathi Singh’s residence in Mulana, senior BJP leader Devi Singh Bhati and independent candidate Ravindra Singh Bhati discussed the issue of development coming to a halt in several villages in Jaisalmer and Barmer districts due to the Desert National Park. In these villages affected by the DNP’s entry, there is neither communication nor any development happening.

Significant Meeting

The meeting between farmer leader and BJP leader Hathi Singh Mulana and the two political leaders lasted for about 1-1.5 hours. The discussions between the two leaders in the political circles are being seen as significant, with the conversation becoming a subject of intense debate.

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