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Diya Kumari’s Comprehensive Public Outreach in Vidyanagar Ahead of Elections

BJP's Diya Kumari garners significant support in Vidyanagar, promising development and criticizing Congress, as local leaders and residents rally behind her.

BJP candidate Diya Kumari made significant strides in her election campaign in Vidyanagar’s Murlipura Mandal, Ward 1, by engaging in extensive public relations activities with workers and supporters. The campaign, conducted on Tuesday, saw her visit numerous localities, including Bohra Wali Dhani, Harmada Valley, and North Avenue.

Kumari’s outreach extended to New Rambagh, Ghodon Wali Dhani, Mola Ki Dhani, Vinayak Vihar, and several other Dhani areas such as Dungariya, Banda, Bera, Majiwala, and Janak Vatika. She met with residents in each area, soliciting their support and cooperation for the upcoming election. Notably, her campaign trail included stops at Nara Kala Ki Dhani, Bhopa Kala ki Dhani, Neendad, Kharkatiya wali Dhani, Jhutababa ki Dhani, Tiba wali Dhani, and Khajoor wali Dhani (Anand Vihar), covering a vast section of the constituency.

In a show of solidarity, BJP workers and supporters donned turbans during the campaign events. Interestingly, a number of Congress workers switched allegiances during this time, joining the BJP ranks. This development indicates a shifting political landscape in the region.

Kumari addressed the gathered crowds, vowing comprehensive development in the assembly constituency should the BJP form the government. She criticized the incumbent Congress party, accusing it of deceiving the public with false promises and failing to deliver on its assurances. Kumari urged the public to demonstrate their discontent with the current administration by voting for the BJP in the elections slated for November 25th.

The campaign trail was marked by the presence of several notable BJP figures and local community leaders. Mandal President Vijay Sharma, OBC Morcha District President Gaurav Yadav, and councilor candidate Sita Devi Sharma were prominent figures accompanying Kumari. Chhotalal Chapola from the Hanuman Nagar Development Committee, Mahendra Singh Shekhawat, Suresh Kumawat, and Bastiram Yadav of the Jeen Mata Nagar Development Committee also participated.

Shishram Yadav, a key figure in the region, was present, lending his support to Kumari’s campaign. The event also saw the participation of Bhavani Singh Rathore and Subhash Kumar Sharma from the Ashok Vihar Development Committee. Kundan Singh Ji Shekhawat of the Hardev Nagar Development Committee, Balbir Singh Rathore, and several respected members of the Ganesh Nagar Development Committee, including Mangilal, Dinesh Bohra, Kailash Bohra, and Gopal Kumawat, showed their active support.

Additional supporters included Jivraj Sharma, Hanuman Bohra, Bhavani Shankar Sharma, Rajan Jangid, Gopesh Jangid, Narayan Bohra, Gyarasi Lal Bohra, and Badrinarayan Choudhary. The support from these community leaders and ward residents underlines the growing momentum of Kumari’s campaign.

This intensive public relations exercise by Diya Kumari and the BJP in Murlipura Mandal demonstrates a strategic push in a key constituency. With the election approaching, such efforts are pivotal in swaying public opinion and garnering support. Kumari’s promises of development and change, coupled with her criticism of the incumbent Congress government, resonate with a public eager for progress and accountability.

The defection of several Congress workers to the BJP during these events is particularly noteworthy, suggesting a potential shift in political dynamics in the region. It remains to be seen how these developments will influence voter behavior and the overall outcome of the upcoming election.

In conclusion, Diya Kumari’s campaign in Vidyanagar represents a significant effort by the BJP to consolidate support and challenge the incumbent Congress party. Her promises of development, coupled with a strong show of support from various community leaders and residents, set the stage for a closely contested election.

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