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Salman Khan Starrer ‘Tiger-3’ Screening Stopped Mid-Way As His Fans Burst Firecrackers In Nashik Cinema Hall

Screening of Salman Khan's 'Tiger-3' in Malegaon halted due to fans bursting firecrackers, causing panic but no injuries reported.

A screening of the much-anticipated Salman Khan movie, ‘Tiger-3′, at Mohan Cinema in Malegaon was abruptly stopped mid-way after fans’ celebrations took a wild turn. The incident occurred during the night show that began at 2100 hours on Sunday.

The excitement reached a fever pitch as the Bollywood superstar appeared on screen. Fans, overwhelmed with joy, began bursting firecrackers inside the cinema hall, creating a chaotic and panic-stricken environment. This unexpected frenzy lasted for about half an hour, putting the safety of the audience at risk.

Miraculously, despite the hazardous situation, the cinema hall remained unscathed with no reports of any fire outbreak or injuries among the audience. However, the gravity of the situation led the cinema management to take immediate action by halting the screening of ‘Tiger-3’ mid-way, prioritizing the safety of moviegoers.

The local police were called to the scene to manage the disorderly situation. Upon their arrival, the fans ceased their firecracker celebration. Law enforcement officials detained two to three individuals suspected of instigating the incident by bursting the firecrackers.

The incident at Mohan Cinema raises significant concerns about public safety in entertainment venues. The use of firecrackers, especially in a confined space like a cinema hall, not only endangers the lives of the audience but also violates public safety regulations.

The situation also highlights the passionate following of Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan, whose appearances on screen can evoke intense reactions from fans. While such enthusiasm showcases the deep connection between stars and their admirers, it also underscores the need for responsible celebration.

Authorities are now likely to tighten security measures at cinema halls, especially during screenings of high-profile films, to prevent such incidents from recurring. Cinema owners and managers are also being urged to enforce stricter rules to ensure that celebrations do not compromise the safety and comfort of other patrons.

The halted screening of ‘Tiger-3’ in Malegaon is a reminder of the fine line between fan admiration and public safety, a balance that must be maintained to ensure enjoyable yet safe cinema experiences for all.



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