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Tiger 3: The Rumor of Jr. NTR’s Cameo – Merely Speculation

The latest release in the YRF Spy Universe, Tiger 3, wraps up its US screenings with mixed reviews and clarifications on NTR's rumoured cameo.

The fifth installment in the YRF Spy Universe franchise, “Tiger 3,” has recently completed its shows in the United States, attracting mixed reviews from the audience and critics alike. The film, which is set after the events of “War” (2019) and “Pathaan” (2023) within the franchise, had sparked considerable speculation about a possible cameo by popular actor NTR.

Before the film’s release, there were rumors suggesting that NTR might appear in a brief shot towards the end of “Tiger 3.” However, now that the film has been screened, it has been confirmed that these speculations were baseless and that NTR does not make an appearance in the movie.

The production team has officially clarified that instead of NTR, it is Hrithik Roshan who makes a brief appearance at the end of “Tiger 3.” This cameo by Hrithik is set to lay the groundwork for “War 2,” where he is expected to share the screen with NTR.

The YRF Spy Universe has been a popular franchise, and “Tiger 3” was highly anticipated by fans of the series. The mixed reactions to the film highlight the diverse expectations and interpretations of the audience. Despite the absence of NTR, the film’s connection to the broader universe and the setup for “War 2” have been points of interest for the franchise’s followers. With “Tiger 3” now concluded in the US, fans are eagerly waiting for what’s next in the thrilling spy series.



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