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Congress Contender Suresh Modi Maintains Public Outreach, Affirms Commitment to Universal Canal Water Access

MLA Suresh Modi engages with villagers during Neemkathana assembly elections, emphasizing achievements and addressing water crisis concerns for public support.

In the bustling landscape of Neemkathana, where the assembly elections are the talk of the town, Congress candidate and MLA Suresh Modi has been actively engaging in public relations to connect with the electorate. His campaign efforts have included addressing street meetings and reaching out to residents in various village dhanis.

MLA Suresh Modi’s recent public relations initiatives took him to several village dhanis, including Pandali ki Dhani, Badiya Mod (Khatikaan), Kudyan ki Dhani, Kanbeliya Basti, Bharala, Khalda ki Dhani, and Mahawa. Throughout his visits, the MLA was warmly welcomed by villagers who greeted him with traditional turbans and garlands.

During these interactions, MLA Suresh Modi emphasized the transformative changes that have occurred in Neemkathana during his tenure. He highlighted that in just five years, significant progress had been made, a feat unparalleled in the area’s history. Many projects and initiatives that had languished for over seven decades were successfully completed during his term.

One of the notable achievements mentioned by MLA Suresh Modi was the elevation of Neemka police station to district status. This was a longstanding demand of the local community, and its fulfillment marked a significant milestone in the region’s development.

Moreover, a staggering sum of Rs 8,700 crore was approved for the Kumbaram Lift Project, which is set to commence soon. This project holds the promise of providing canal water directly to households, effectively resolving the persistent water issues in the area.

MLA Suresh Modi acknowledged that the water crisis had escalated due to the delayed attention to this critical issue by previous MLAs. He stressed that if he were granted the opportunity to serve again, his top priority would be ensuring that canal water reached every village and household, thereby addressing the longstanding water scarcity.

Throughout his public relations efforts in each village Dhani, MLA Suresh Modi garnered significant support from the local residents. His commitment to addressing pressing issues, delivering on long-overdue projects, and prioritizing water distribution resonated with the villagers.

The presence of numerous enthusiastic workers and community members during these interactions showcased the widespread endorsement of MLA Suresh Modi’s candidacy. As the Neemkathana assembly elections draw near, the campaign trail continues to buzz with activity, and the public’s voice remains a crucial element in shaping the future of the constituency.

In the midst of spirited campaigns, the electorate’s hopes and aspirations are closely intertwined with the promises made by their chosen representatives. For MLA Suresh Modi, the journey is marked by a commitment to progress and the resolve to overcome persistent challenges, as he seeks to secure the support of the people of Neemkathana.

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