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Congress has the copyright of petty politics, says BJP Candidate Diya Kumari

Diya Kumari, BJP candidate in Vidhadhar Nagar, stresses respectful politics, criticizes Congress values, and emphasizes public service in ongoing campaign.

In the bustling political landscape of Vidhadhar Nagar, the BJP’s candidate, Diya Kumari, continues her dedicated public relations campaign. With each passing day, she remains committed to engaging directly with the people, fostering one-on-one communication, and strengthening her connection with the electorate.

During these public interactions, Diya Kumari has been warmly welcomed and greeted with garlands by the people of Vidhadhar Nagar. This warm reception reflects the support and enthusiasm that her campaign has generated among the local residents.

One of the key aspects of Diya Kumari’s public dialogue program has been addressing the values and ideologies of the Congress Party. She pointed out that certain remarks made by Congress ministers in the esteemed legislative assembly of Rajasthan have been a cause for concern. These remarks, she asserted, downplay the gravity of atrocities against women, suggesting that Rajasthan is a “men’s state.” Diya Kumari questioned whether a party with such a mindset should receive support from the public.

In her address to the people, Diya Kumari emphasized her belief that there is no distinction between kings and commoners in politics. She firmly stated that greatness is not defined by one’s self-perception but by the humility and respect shown to others. She regards herself as a public servant, entering politics with the spirit of serving the people. Her journey in politics has been guided by the blessings and support of the people, and she expressed her confidence that the residents of Vidhadhar Nagar would embrace her as their own.

Diya Kumari made it clear that despite the comments and criticisms directed at her, she refrains from making personal attacks or derogatory remarks. She highlighted that she is currently contesting her third election and has maintained a dignified and respectful approach throughout her political career. Her family upbringing and the values instilled in her have discouraged personal attacks, and her party has adhered to a principled and respectful approach in politics.

The respect and blessings she has received from the public throughout her political journey have been a source of great pride for Diya Kumari. Even today, as she engages in public relations, she continues to be humbled by the support and respect accorded to her by the people.

In her ongoing campaign, Diya Kumari reaffirms her commitment to serving the people of Vidhadhar Nagar. Her approach to politics is rooted in principles of public service, respect, and dignity. As the election day approaches, her unwavering dedication to the betterment of the constituency remains at the forefront of her campaign. The people of Vidhadhar Nagar, she believes, will make their decision based on the values and vision she brings to the table, and she is eager to continue working for their welfare and progress.

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